Legal Terms Everyone Should Know

The legal field has its own language. Most of the time, an accused and others involved in a legal dispute often hear a lot of strange terms.  These terms are only used by lawyers to advise their client of what is going on in the case.  Below is a list of key legal terms that everyone should know because learning these terms will assist a person in having a better understanding of what is going on in different lawsuits reported in the news.9597575265_e0270d0cb6_o (1)

Initial Interview – It is the starting point of a case.  A law firm gathers information and evaluates a case. It is in this stage that you evaluate and determine if you wish to hire a lawyer.

Initial Pleadings – This is a document, either a Petition or Motion, which identifies the parties, the cause of action and the type of relief requested.

Responsive Pleading – This is a document, either an Answer, Motion to Dismiss or Counter-Petition, in response to the initial pleading and puts forth defenses or counterclaims.

Credibility – It is the ability to appear believable, and trustworthy when recalling your story. It is an important component in any type of lawsuit.

Damages – It is a term used during a monetary settlement a client wishes to recover. It refers to emotional distress, pain, and suffering, permanent disabilities, scars, physical injuries, and so on.

Default – It means that either the plaintiff or defendant have failed to meet the requirements  to present their case.

Contempt of court – It is a term applies to offenses committed against the court. Offenses are considered crimes that may result in a penalty of jail time. Disobeying a court order to appear or testify, speaking out of turn during a trial, offending the judge and the likes are some example of offenses.

Pro Se – It is a Latin term (pronounced “pro say”) meaning “for himself,”. It is used when a person filing a complaint does not have a lawyer and is proceeding on his own.

Tort – It is a French term which means “wrong.” It is  an illegal or wrongful act in which an injury occurs to one or more people, be it accidental or intentional.

The above list of legal terms is a first set of the sites collection. More legal terms will be posted soon! Thanks for visiting!

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