Types of Lawyers You Need to Know

Finding a lawyer for your specific legal needs is not easy if you are not aware of different types of lawyers. You need to know that lawyers have their own expertise in a specific area of law.  You need to find a lawyer who has the capacity in dealing with your legal issue properly. This article will discuss the types of lawyers. 

DUI Lawyer – A DUI lawyer handles a person charged with DUI and can negotiate with the court to give a lesser punishment and offer recommendations for alternative penalties.

Family Lawyer – A family lawyer provides advice on legal matters concerning family issues such as divorces, marriage annulment, legal separation, child custody battles, and child support requests. He is also called divorce attorney or a family practice lawyer.

General Practice Lawyer – A general practice lawyer provide legal advice or a legal advocate on small disputes. A general practice lawyer functions as a notary public as well.

Autism Lawyer – An autism lawyer handles all legal issues of a client with autism.

Employment Lawyer – Either you are a company that is having a problem with your employee, or an individual who is having problems with the company you are working for, an employment lawyer can provide advice about legal issues that may arise from a contract or within an employment relationship.

Bankruptcy Lawyer – A bankruptcy lawyer will help a person to prove to the court and to the lender that he is no longer capable of paying his debts because of insufficient funds. Lenders usually argue that the bankruptcy claim of their client is not true.

Corporate Lawyer – A corporate lawyer works for a corporation and responsible for seeing transactions entered into has meet legal bounds. A corporate lawyer can practice privately and can handle multiple accounts.

Deportation Lawyer – A deportation lawyer specializes in deportation and immigration policies. A man who is accused of illegally staying in a country needs an assistance of a deportation lawyer to fight for his right.

Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer – A commercial bankruptcy lawyer specializes in bankruptcy cases of any public or private companies and organizations. A commercial bankruptcy lawyer handles more complicated cases than a bankruptcy lawyer because a commercial bankruptcy lawyer needs to solve legal disputes between the company and its creditors or between the company and its employees.

Spousal Support Lawyer – A spousal support lawyer handles legal issues of a spouse in his or her claim for a spousal support during a divorce.

Criminal Lawyer – A criminal lawyer represents anyone who is accused of a crime . The main responsibility of a criminal lawyer is to prove his client’s innocence. On the other hand, he may negotiate a plea settlement if the evidence against his client is strong.

Inheritance Lawyer – An inheritance lawyer handles a person"s legal dispute on his share of inheritance.

Construction Lawyer – A construction lawyer handles consultation and preparation of necessary documents required for the permitting process related to constructing a building.

Birth Injury Lawyer – A birth injury lawyer protects a person"s rights when a medical malpractice occurred during the birth of your baby, and resulted in an injury.

Traffic Lawyer – A traffic lawyer, specializes in traffic law, handles legal disputes about  a speeding ticket or violation for running a red light.

Health Insurance Lawyer – A health insurance lawyer assists his client to go after health insurance companies if he has been denied of his health insurance coverage even if the claim is valid.

Accident Lawyer – An accident lawyer handles legal disputes of either the victim or the culprit of the accident. He settles legal responsibilities and compensation between the two parties.

Wrongful Death Lawyer – A wrongful death lawyer assists heirs of the deceased in claiming compensation and recuperation of losses incurred because of a wrongful death.

Contract Lawyer – A contract lawyer handles business contract signing works. He prepares and reviews the contracts between the two parties.

Discrimination Lawyer – A discrimination lawyer handles cases that involve discrimination and helps fight for his client"s compensation for the financial and emotional damages caused by discrimination.


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