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The Florida Family Law: Collaborative Divorce

For those who are currently undergoing a divorce, paternity or any other related family law trials in Jacksonville, Florida, you need to know about the Florida Family Law because this will enlighten you during the proceeding. Having a basic knowledge about it will make you more confident on how the case will be held. In this article, the purpose of the Florida Family Law and the collaborative divorce will be discussed.


The Florida Family Law purposes are:

(1) To preserve the integrity of marriage and to safeguard meaningful family relationships;

(2) To promote the amicable settlement of disputes that arise between parties to a marriage; and

(c) To mitigate the potential harm to the spouses and their children caused by the process of legal dissolution of marriage.

Some say that Florida failed to meet these goals due to an increasing number of unresolved cases of divorce. There are a lot of good judges but this system is not being practiced. On the other hand, there is an alternative to this. Collaborative divorce is a private divorce process where both parties agree that their attorneys will solely assist them in negotiating an agreement. Collaborative divorce is the latest method of alternative dispute resolution in family law. Both parties need not go into the courtroom to settle the issue.

To ensure transparency, both parties need a professional help for the smooth flow of the process. Both parties can also concentrate on their daily task and their future without thinking the divorce issue since this has been handled by any Family Law Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida. With this process, both parties will agree on legal procedures that lower down the expenses and simplify the process of divorce. They need to negotiate a settlement that works for them both.

When it comes to a professional help, you should look mainly for collaborative divorce attorneys. With collaborative divorce attorneys, it is easier to come to an agreement knowing that your best interest is in mind. They are saving you money by not giving you a headache because you don’t have to go to the court. They are your counselors for a painless divorce.


They  act as a resource, an educator, an advocate for their clients. They identify and investigate all the issues that surround the situation.They should also anticipate conflict, manage the divorce process and make sure that their clients are aware of their legal rights and obligations.

They know all the laws and rules on divorce, make suggestions that you don"t have thought of and give you information on how you communicate better with your spouse. They help you understand what is to be done so that everything will run smoothly. With their presence, there is no confusion between the parties.

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